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Black’s Barbecue in Lockhart Texas is real BBQ

by on Dec.19, 2011, under Travel

Recently I was lucky enough to drive from ETX to the valley – McAllen, TX. On the way down we found an interesting mostly French restaurant in a little town. That was quite a surprise. However, we drove back home a different way and found some of the best BBQ I have ever had. We stopped at Black’s Barbecue  in Lockhart. It had been a fun drive, but we had begun looking for that unique and special little place to eat probably 50 miles SW of Lockhart.

I am so glad we waited for the perfect place to eat. We arrived just about sunset and were already half way home. There was a large sign for Black’s Barbeque we spotted and I decided to follow the pointing hand. When I pulled up to Black’s it turned out to be a quaint Texas eatery that promised to be inviting and interesting. Especially when we saw the nice outside eating area. Inside Black’s looks like a Texas BBQ place should look and it smelled divine. There were plenty of tables and all kinds of Texas memorabilia hanging from the walls.

You should have seen the juices flowing when the brisket was cut. Holey Moley! The restaurant is owned by Edgar and Norma Jean Black. The Black family established the restaurant in 1932 and seems to be the place TX BBQ legends are made. You can find them at 215 Main St and they are open 8 days a week.

A neat little tidbit of history about Black’s is that President Lyndon Baines Johnson selected Black’s to represent Texas barbeque at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, according to their website.

Don’t worry, if you can’t get to Lockhart they can come to you. Just go to their website and order online. You can even find Black’s on Twitter.


(Author’s note – this is not a sponsored post, just a story about a good place to eat with a little bit of Texas thrown in for good measure)

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Loretta Hazzard Fussell AKA LorettaLean Process Server, Personal Trainer, Fitness Guru and Chef, Who Knew?

by on Nov.08, 2011, under Health/Fitness/Beauty

LorettaLean Can Cook

Loretta Hazzard Fussell AKA LorettaLean Process Server, Personal Trainer, Fitness Guru and Chef. Who Knew? She can do just about anything, I think. But then again she is my sister. Loretta started cooking when we were kids. There weren’t fancy or fast food snacks in the house when we came home from school. If we were hungry we would have to cook something from whatever was in the pantry. She was great at whipping up so really decent afternoon snacks. I learned to do the same, but not as well as Loretta. Then she continued on with her culinary skills and my mouth drools just thinking about going to her house for dinner. Pastries are one of her specialties. Yes, even those but made into healthy tasty deserts instead of those that are laden with high caloric goodness. Loretta can make those as well, but enjoys adapting old favorites into healthy alternative. One benefit of being a client of Loretta’s only obtaining nutrition advice, but getting copies of her favorite healthy adapted recipes. A couple of those are listed below. So if you live in the North Dallas area in Plano or Frisco, maybe you can be the lucky one to be accepted as a client if she has any openings available. Then you can get more delicious recipes!

Here are a couple of her healthy and easy to make recipes

Cowboy Stew

serves 4

1 pound low fat ground sirloin
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 16 oz can of Green Giant mixed vegetables
2 cans tomato sauce
1 package Uncle Ben’s Spanish rice (90 seconds), cooked
1 17 oz can cream corn

Brown beef and onions in a large pot. Drain meat and add remaining ingredients without draining the mixed vegetables. Cover and simmer one hour.

Tuna Salad Rollups – Great for warmer weather

serves 4

1/4 cup light Miracle Whip salad dressing
2 Tbsp chopped green onions
1/2 tsp dill
Pepper to taste
1 6 1/2 oz can of tuna packed in water, drained
3/4 cup 2% low fat milk shredded cheddar cheese
1 small tomato, seeded and cut in small pieces
4 whole wheat tortillas

Stir together salad dressing, onions, dill and pepper. Gently stir in tuna, cheese and tomato. Spoon tuna mixture onto the edge of each tortilla, roll, hold together with toothpick, cut in half and serve.


Now you are thinking Who IS LorettaLean?

Age Does NOT Matter
I’m over 50 years old!!

A personal trainer is an investment in looking good and feeling better. It will improve your health and future quality of life. Many people go to the gym and copy other people which can result in failure or injury. Personalized training with me includes, nutritional advice with delicious and easy recipes that you and your family will enjoy. Plus you’ll be free to enjoy your weekends. Loretta Fussell
50-90 percent of calories are burned by your muscles
To effectively burn body fat you need to adequate muscle tissue. Your resting metabolism slows down when your lean muscle mass decreases. When this happens your body needs fewer calories to function and the extra calories are stored as body fat. You can burn more fat by toning your muscles. This raises your metabolic rate, even when you sleep. Through resistance training (weight lifting) you can develop lean muscle mass and increase metabolism. You should incorporate both cardio and weight lifting into your weekly exercise program. Women do not need to worry about gaining too much muscle.
You just need 3 things to succeed…. 
  1. Desire
  2. No Excuses


You can find personal trainers in your location by visiting gyms, checking web sites or talking to friends. Loretta is available in the Frisco and Plano area of Texas. You can reach her by going to her About Me page and sending an email. She is Loretta Fussell and she actually has one or two spots available for new clients. If you are interested it’s a good idea to move fast as her openings tend to fill fast and client’s often turn into longtime clients because of their results.


LorettaLean even has health supplements to offer for those interested in healthy living. Especially those who can’t get to her location for training.


Loretta Hazzard Fussell the TX Process Server

Loretta is the Muscles in the MadDog and Muscles of TX process serving. As if personal training wasn’t enough Loretta decided to serve court papers a couple years ago with her sister, Martha Decker. Her sister is a retired assistant chief of police and Loretta has had martial arts training. They enjoy working difficult serves so the impossible is usually possible when these two get together. It’s been an interesting trip for Loretta and one that brought her into a world know only too well by her sister.


So now you know – if you want to look good, eat well or need court papers served – contact Loretta! Think I’ll make some rollups for lunch – later folks…………..


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Author Martha Decker Looking for Paranormal Hauntings Legends and Mysteries in East Texas for New Book

by on Sep.04, 2011, under Books, Paranormal

dark day

Image by / // / via Flickr

Martha Decker

Solving Mysteries Surrounding East Texas in new book

by Martha Decker

Author Martha Decker Looking for Paranormal Hauntings Legends and Mysteries in East Texas for New Book. Martha Decker is a longtime published news journalist. In 1995 she won a first place Associated Press award for specialty reporting for an article she spent a year researching before it went to print. She is also the founder of East Texas Paranormal, a paranormal group dedicated to helping individuals in need of answers for unexplained events.

Decker currently is working to complete a book about paranormal experiences, hauntings, legends, myths and mysteries in East Texas. This area consists of all counties east of I45 and SH 75 from the Gulf of Mexico to the Oklahoma border or from the Red River to the Big Thicket.

She has heard stories about Tool, Eustace, Gun Barrel City, Malakoff and Peeltown along with other places near Cedar Creek Lake. Surely someone has a story to be told. Out of the way, odd, weird or unusual might just fit the bill. Decker can always use more information about things that may have already covered by other individuals. What about mysterious lights, big foot sightings and so much more……….

Decker is interested in hearing your story. If you have any information you would like to pass on please send her email at She can be reached by mail at PO Box 73, Kemp, TX 75143. Feel free to use the Contact Me page on this site and I will get her the information. If you would like to contact East Texas Paranormal they would be glad to hear from you.

Author Martha Decker Looking for Paranormal Hauntings Legends and Mysteries in East Texas for New Book

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MadDog & Muscles – Texas Process Servers with Attitude!

by on Mar.14, 2011, under Life in General

TX Process Servers

On the left is Loretta Fussell from Frisco –

She has been a person trainer for nearly 15 years and decided to get together with her sister, MadDog and start serving papers for attorneys. You can see why she is called Muscles!

On the right is Martha Decker from Kemp –

She retired from more than 15 years of law enforcement as the assistant chief of police. MadDog got her name after years of law enforcement because if it was tough, difficult and mean – she could get the job done.

Both are certified by the Texas Supreme court. MadDog can serve anywhere in Texas. There is no serve too difficult for MadDog & Muscles. Pricing varies.

MadDog can be reached at or 903-340-7405

Muscles can be reached at or 214-803-3057

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Dallas Texas Tornado near Downtown at Rush Hour

by on Sep.08, 2010, under Life in General

This is the tornado that struck near downtown around rush hour. It came from the City of Cockrell Hill, went over I30 touched down briefly around the Trinity River and then again on Mockingbird causing an 18 wheeler to get pushed by wind into the side of a building. Then the side of the building collapsed around the truck. Video was taken from about eight miles away – at I30 and Cockrell Hill Rd.

I had received several text messages with tornado warnings for the city I live in while I was at work. I decided it was time to go home and the flood gates were open and the rain poured from the sky. My office is just a mile or so from the City of Cockrell Hill. The sky was very dark and laden with swirls of ominous clouds. The rain was coming down sideways and the parking lot flooded here and there. I sucked it up, went outside and opened me mini umbrella. It did keep the top of my head dry! I remember looking at the clouds and then thinking that they looked tornadic, like there could be some rotation in them but they were coming in my direction and I knew it wasn’t a good idea to be a possible sitting duck. So I got in my car, called my husband to check on the weather at home since there were tornado warnings in Kaufman County. He said, “huh,” when asked about the weather. It appeared to be fine at home. I turned on KRLD for the latest in the weather and traffic. Reports were of tornadoes popping up everywhere thanks to the former hurricane. My thoughts of a tornado were confirmed by KRLD and I decided to go west on I 30 instead of east so I could get behind the storm. My sister, who lives in Frisco, called from the storm shelter in the garage of her townhouse in Frisco and asked about the weather. She and a friend were hiding out in its safety because the sirens were signing in Frisco. I told her I would call her after I listened to the radio some more because I had not heard anything about Frisco, just where I was and near my home. I turned the radio on again as I drove west to Cockrell Hill Ln. I got off the freeway and parked behind the Chili’s Restaurant with a few other people.

We watched the clouds as they flew past until we could see the tornado form. We knew when it made contact because we could see the debris field even from eight miles away. Above is what I was able to capture on video before the tornado went back up into the cloud. There were more tornadoes around the same time. As far as I know there were minor injuries and some building damages from several counties. KRLD weather told me on the way home via my stereo speakers that more of this could suddenly pop up during the night.

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Paranormal Thriller Jaded Visions by first time author TL Jones

by on Jun.01, 2010, under Books

TL Jones held a book signing this past weekend in Gun Barrel City. Considering we have worked together in law enforcement and most likely have responded to some of the same calls I like to think of her as a sister in blue. She is a happy person who I was said to see leave the area where we worked for bluer pastures. I know, I wouldn’t mind moving to Galveston either. Anyway, she was vigorous and diligent in law enforcement and seems to have continued the trend with the publication on Jaded Visions, her first thriller.

I had a great visit with her over the weekend and have challenged her to be my “book coach.” Ms. Jones has another book in mind so if you like this one, make sure you get the next one. Her books can be purchased in several locations, including her Jaded Visions website.

I promise you she is not wrong about the details of law enforcement in the story. Coming from law enforcement she knows what she is talking about. The story is about a killer and a six year old:

“Jade Hamilton is barely staying one step ahead of a ruthless killer. Paranormal visions have been a part of her life since she was ten and this time her visions put her in the middle of a murder. Jade has to keep six year old Emmie Linderhoff safe from this killer, as well as, keep herself out of jail for kidnapping.

Jade runs with the child after the girl’s parents are murdered and along the way she meets up with St. Joseph’s most eligible bachelor, Detective Ryan Douglas. Ryan, along with his partner, try to help Jade solve this case before another murder occurs. As they become more involved in the case, they begin to realize that their feelings for each other are growing as quickly as the fear that they won’t find the killer in time!”

This is the description on the website. I am reading the book and  have to say that I am enjoying the story line. Can’t wait for book 2. It is an enjoyable read and you may not want to stop reading until you are through and there are no more pages to turn. I had to stop just so I could complete this post! Otherwise I would still be reading.

TL Jones is on Facebook in addition to the Jaded Visions site. Stop by and give her a shout.

She has been on TV and the radio giving interivews.

T. L. Jones lives in South East Texas with her husband, Dave, two dogs, Zeus and Harley, and an African Grey Parrot named Herman. A former police officer, T. L. Jones has acquired valuable insight into criminal behavior.  Her experience in  law enforcement and her fascination with the paranormal has supercharged her creative juices to give you … Jaded Visions.

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Terrell Heritage Jubilee and Festival

by on May.04, 2010, under Life in General

I recently attended the Heritage Jubilee in Terrell Texas. This is an annual event that is HUGE. I have plenty to blog about from this event. Stay tuned for photos of David Cline and is really cool motorcycle “Big Slick.’ I will also talk about his CD that is full of Texas Hold Em songs. Just try listening to that if you’re from the DFW area while you are headed east into LA for the gambling boats. There is a historical train car at the park in Terrell. I’ll have information about it with pictures. There will also be other posts about a very interesting “charming home for elegant senior ladies” in Terrell called Jefferson Manor. So be sure to come back and see the posts. If you see yourself in any of the photos be sure to leave your info in the comments section………….

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