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Granny Investigations

by on Mar.29, 2017, under Granny Investigations

Who are they and what is this? They are three over 50 female friends who decided they could investigate the same as men, even though they may not be under 50.  If it’s unsolved, mysterious, curious or just plain strange they’re interested.  Decker has over 20 years of investigative background, including years spent in law enforcement. Risinger was a teacher and Coffey has a knack for digging up hard to find information. Whether it’s paranormal, abnormal or even normal as long as there’s mystery, they are up for an investigation. They will cheerily wander into the woods if necessary or camp in the middle of a desert.  Is it a UFO, Bigfoot or odd sounds? Yep, you can call them. Is there a missing person or unsolved crime? All three have been involved for a number of years with paranormal investigations. Decker specialized in several types of crimes, including crimes against children for over 20 years. Risinger and Coffey are part Native American. Please give them a call. Want to make contact? You the form. You can find them on YouTube and on Facebook so stay tuned for their new season…….

The first season is in editing. Come back to this site to keep up with what’s happening with the GI’S or check them out on FaceBook.



They are l-r Martha Hazard Decker, Kim Risinger and Ruth Coffey.


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Black’s Barbecue in Lockhart Texas is real BBQ

by on Dec.19, 2011, under Travel

Recently I was lucky enough to drive from ETX to the valley – McAllen, TX. On the way down we found an interesting mostly French restaurant in a little town. That was quite a surprise. However, we drove back home a different way and found some of the best BBQ I have ever had. We stopped at Black’s Barbecue  in Lockhart. It had been a fun drive, but we had begun looking for that unique and special little place to eat probably 50 miles SW of Lockhart.

I am so glad we waited for the perfect place to eat. We arrived just about sunset and were already half way home. There was a large sign for Black’s Barbeque we spotted and I decided to follow the pointing hand. When I pulled up to Black’s it turned out to be a quaint Texas eatery that promised to be inviting and interesting. Especially when we saw the nice outside eating area. Inside Black’s looks like a Texas BBQ place should look and it smelled divine. There were plenty of tables and all kinds of Texas memorabilia hanging from the walls.

You should have seen the juices flowing when the brisket was cut. Holey Moley! The restaurant is owned by Edgar and Norma Jean Black. The Black family established the restaurant in 1932 and seems to be the place TX BBQ legends are made. You can find them at 215 Main St and they are open 8 days a week.

A neat little tidbit of history about Black’s is that President Lyndon Baines Johnson selected Black’s to represent Texas barbeque at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, according to their website.

Don’t worry, if you can’t get to Lockhart they can come to you. Just go to their website and order online. You can even find Black’s on Twitter.


(Author’s note – this is not a sponsored post, just a story about a good place to eat with a little bit of Texas thrown in for good measure)

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MadDog & Muscles – Texas Process Servers with Attitude!

by on Mar.14, 2011, under Life in General

TX Process Servers

On the left is Loretta Fussell from Frisco –

She has been a person trainer for nearly 15 years and decided to get together with her sister, MadDog and start serving papers for attorneys. You can see why she is called Muscles!

On the right is Martha Decker from Kemp –

She retired from more than 15 years of law enforcement as the assistant chief of police. MadDog got her name after years of law enforcement because if it was tough, difficult and mean – she could get the job done.

Both are certified by the Texas Supreme court. MadDog can serve anywhere in Texas. There is no serve too difficult for MadDog & Muscles. Pricing varies.

MadDog can be reached at or 903-340-7405

Muscles can be reached at or 214-803-3057

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How does a 10 year old East Texas Cowgirl Travel?

by on Jun.15, 2010, under Adventures with the Grandkids, Photos

How does the rural cowgirl travel?

Why, with her pull up horse and bag of dog!

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Terrell Heritage Jubilee and Festival

by on May.04, 2010, under Life in General

I recently attended the Heritage Jubilee in Terrell Texas. This is an annual event that is HUGE. I have plenty to blog about from this event. Stay tuned for photos of David Cline and is really cool motorcycle “Big Slick.’ I will also talk about his CD that is full of Texas Hold Em songs. Just try listening to that if you’re from the DFW area while you are headed east into LA for the gambling boats. There is a historical train car at the park in Terrell. I’ll have information about it with pictures. There will also be other posts about a very interesting “charming home for elegant senior ladies” in Terrell called Jefferson Manor. So be sure to come back and see the posts. If you see yourself in any of the photos be sure to leave your info in the comments section………….

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Tea Party July 4, 2009 in Gun Barrel City, Texas

by on Mar.31, 2010, under Cedar Creek Lake Life

I know this is a late posting, but with all the talk lately about the Tea Party becoming a real party I thought now might be a good tme to post the photographs that I never got around to posting last Fourth of July. This Tea Party to place in a retirement community in Henderson County and in Gun Barrel City. I spent many years covering politics and governments in large and small cities. The Cedar Creek larea area is about 60 miles S/E of Dallas and a lot of people here get involved in their communities and even attend council meetings. The photos below are of some local residents and their children. What I always liked about the City of Gun Barrel City is that their city motto was “We shoot straight with you.”



I am curious

 – what do YOU think –

should the Tea Party become an officially recognized party like the Republican and Democratic?

Do you think it would survive or go the way of Ross Perot’s party?

Please post a comment

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Kaufman County Poor Farm Museum in Kaufman Texas

by on Sep.13, 2009, under Kaufman County Poor Farm

This is a post to be continued…….

At one time all of the counties in Texas had a poor farm. Today Kaufman County is the only county that still owns the poor farm. All  the rest of the poor farms are in private hands. This one is maintained by the Kaufman County Historical Commission. They have worked hard to raise fund for restoration for years. This first photo is but one of the original buildings on the farm…..

One small bath in building

One small bath in building

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Bonnie was Jailed in Kemp, Texas

by on Jul.09, 2009, under Cedar Creek Lake Life, Photos

No Clyde yet

No Clyde yet

This little jail sits behind what is left of the downtown buildings in Kemp, TX. Bonnie was housed here not because of bank robberies. Visit the jail and read why she was lucky enough to stay here. The jail is almost on top of the current city hall and police department. According to old timers in the Cedar Creek Lake area, Bonnie met Clyde in this area and they started dating and hanging out.
Years ago I met a man in his mid 70’s who wrote a book while he was incarcerated in the state prison system. He asked me to proof his life story as he hoped to have it published. Most of the book was about how and why he was in prison most of his life and what put him in prison. The most interesting part of the book was the first chapter. There he talked about his father’s speakeasy that was at their home and bootlegging. He wrote and told me about Bonnie being best friends with one of his female relatives. That relative and Bonnie used to come to the speakeasy to drink and dance. He claims this is where Bonnie and Clyde met for the first time. He also told about being bounced on Bonnie’s knee when he was small. I suggested he tell this story and then I lost contact with him.
One of his specialties and the trade he learned in prison was leather tooling. This man was gifted when working with leather. Sadly, this was in the 80’s and I do not remember his name.
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