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LIMU LEAN Weight Loss Management System From Limu |Blu Frog Energy

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2K10 Limu |Blu Frog | Limu Lean Conference attendees wait for conference to begin
Here we are at he 2010 Limu Conference in Dallas waiting to learn about the new product and relaunch on Limu. The room was filled with hundreds of anxious distributors all of whom became very excited to learn we now have a fantastic weight loss and management system with Limu Lean.

Maybe you’re in a hurry. Maybe you’re an athlete. Maybe you’re trying to drop a few pounds. Maybe you’re looking to beat that mid-morning craving. Or maybe you’re all of the above. Whatever the case, the LIMU LEAN Meal Replacement shake has your needs covered.

In each shake, you get ALL of the following:

■A blend of six different protein sources to support a lean and trim body

■A proprietary mix of fast and slow proteins to help burn body fat while increasing lean tissue

■Pure, Fucoidan-rich limu moui extract as a critical activator ingredient

■35% of the Daily Recommended Value for 20 essential vitamins and minerals

■Delicious flavors that blend well with your favorite fresh and frozen fruits

■Essential fatty acids necessary to help you burn body fat and satisfy your appetite

■225 calories of powerful, balanced nutrition

Appetite Controller

Dynamic. Natural. Energy. The LIMU LEAN Appetite Controller is built on the foundation of three proprietary nutritional complexes—and then combined with the dynamic support of our Fucoidan-rich limu moui extract—to help you control your cravings and boost your metabolic function.

LIMU Flavor Complex

A fusion of refreshing taste that makes this supplement a smooth part of your daily nutrition.

LIMU Herb Complex

A proprietary balance of 100% natural caffeine sources formulated to provide synergistic results with the LIMU Thermo Tea Complex. May also help support appetite control while also improving endurance and supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

LIMU Thermo Tea Complex

A fusion of healthy teas (Orange Pekoe, Green and White) and Yerba Mate, this complex delivers a natural energy lift and helps reduce cravings—without the nervous jitters. South American natives have enjoyed Yerba Mate for centuries as a natural energizer that rejuvenates and invigorates the mind and body.

Digestive Health Cleanse

Let’s be honest. Most cleanses are painful. Cramping. Bloating. Fasting. Even… well… laxatives. It’s time for something different. A smooth cleanse. An efficient cleanse. A cleanse that optimizes your digestive system with a 7-day boost of unique LIMU complexes. The LIMU LEAN Digestive Health Cleanse maximizes your body’s normal digestive systems and helps you feel better every day with a perfect monthly tune-up for the world’s finest precision machine: you.

LIMU LEAN Digestive Health Cleanse keeps you in peak condition with the following components:

LIMU Fiber Complex – An exclusive balance of natural fiber sources that propel better digestive health.

LIMU Flavor Complex – Adds great taste to an already impressive fusion of health and nutrition.

LIMU Biotic Complex – A proprietary combination of nine healthy bacterial species to help reduce digestive stress and assist in regular waste elimination processes.

LIMU Herb Complex – Seven natural herbs to help the body’s natural cleansing process.

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