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Kaufman County Poor Farm Museum in Kaufman Texas

by on Sep.13, 2009, under Kaufman County Poor Farm

This is a post to be continued…….

At one time all of the counties in Texas had a poor farm. Today Kaufman County is the only county that still owns the poor farm. All  the rest of the poor farms are in private hands. This one is maintained by the Kaufman County Historical Commission. They have worked hard to raise fund for restoration for years. This first photo is but one of the original buildings on the farm…..

One small bath in building

One small bath in building

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Bonnie was Jailed in Kemp, Texas

by on Jul.09, 2009, under Cedar Creek Lake Life, Photos

No Clyde yet

No Clyde yet

This little jail sits behind what is left of the downtown buildings in Kemp, TX. Bonnie was housed here not because of bank robberies. Visit the jail and read why she was lucky enough to stay here. The jail is almost on top of the current city hall and police department. According to old timers in the Cedar Creek Lake area, Bonnie met Clyde in this area and they started dating and hanging out.
Years ago I met a man in his mid 70’s who wrote a book while he was incarcerated in the state prison system. He asked me to proof his life story as he hoped to have it published. Most of the book was about how and why he was in prison most of his life and what put him in prison. The most interesting part of the book was the first chapter. There he talked about his father’s speakeasy that was at their home and bootlegging. He wrote and told me about Bonnie being best friends with one of his female relatives. That relative and Bonnie used to come to the speakeasy to drink and dance. He claims this is where Bonnie and Clyde met for the first time. He also told about being bounced on Bonnie’s knee when he was small. I suggested he tell this story and then I lost contact with him.
One of his specialties and the trade he learned in prison was leather tooling. This man was gifted when working with leather. Sadly, this was in the 80’s and I do not remember his name.
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