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IZEAFest here I come. Hope Ted Murphy is wearing pants!

by on Oct.01, 2009, under IZEA

This is a short and quick post about my flight to IZEAFest this morning. Nothing like waking up after almost four hours and heading to DFW airport from Frisco, TX. Meant to leave my sister’s home by 5:30. Hello, only 20 minutes later. Arrived at the airport on time. Then when I arrived at the gate I had a sinking feeling that I did not lock my car. Not much I could do about it at that time, except assume I did lock it up tight. I assume I will discover how safe my car was when I return from IZEAFest.

Getting to the terminal was a breeze. Should have grabbed a picture. Got to AirTrans Airways with no problem. Have a super seat on the aisle. Flight is about half full, but it is loaded with kiddos. I booked for price only to discover this flight is referred to as the “Disney flight.”  I have to admit that the kiddos on this flight are well behaved – at least up to this point in time. I was on a flight from Spokane to Dallas last week with wound up kiddos. I had a seat near the back and all the kiddos were in the back. I was lucky and got to fly with kiddos constantly kicking my seat hard, slamming the window visor down and screaming.

I have a great idea for the airlines. Add a soundproof booth at the back of the plane for everyone with small children to use!!

It was difficult to get any winks during the night witth IZEAFest at SeaWorld on my mind. Then IZEA CEO Ted Murphy tweets he wonders if he should wear pants while he speaks! Hold the phone Sally – it would be easier to pack if pants were left at home. For those who don’t know -the pants are a long story.

If you are going to IZEAFest be sure to follow me on Twitter to win prizes via tweets. I will tweet contest giveaway information with tweets. There are dozens of giveaways ands contests that will be tweeted through Sunday so be sure to check out others like ConnieFoggles, WarrenWhitlock, BenSpark, HeatherinBC, craftyGAgal, susan70070, johnraser and justjulie to name a few.

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