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This page is set so that you can find links to where I’ll be for book signings, speaking engagements and radio shows. There’s a link to my author page on Amazon and another site for my book, Paranormal Profiling.

Bio for Decker –

Martha Decker has been involved in investigating the paranormal actively since 1999. She’s the founder of East Texas Paranormal. Her experience includes investigating private homes, commercial businesses, historical sites and public locations. Decker has professional experience as an investigator, writer and photographer, retiring in 2007 from law enforcement as the assistant chief of police and detective. She worked for the State of Texas as a child death investigator for seven years after leaving law enforcement until she retired from that position in 2014. Currently she’s a process server and was a private investigator, specializing in cases involving children and missing persons. As a child Decker experienced a number of unexplained occurrences which triggered her long time interest into the unknown. She often presents during speaking engagements how to use common law enforcement techniques and apply them to paranormal interviews and investigations, including how to interview children. Decker is producing a show that has women over 50 doing what younger people do, investigating various phenomenon, wandering through the woods after Bigfoot and more. They are the GI’s AKA Granny Investigations. This may involve the paranormal, UFO’s, history, myths, oddities, Bigfoot and mystery. Her book Paranormal Profiling was published in 2014 and is a basic on how to interview potential clients and witnesses. In 1995, Decker received a first place award from the Associated Press for specialty reporting while working as a journalist for the Cedar Creek Pilot. Decker has articles on numerous Internet websites and e-zines and writes for She has over 20 years of investigation experience ranging from criminal to civil with some journalistic thrown in as well. In the mid-eighties she produced and directed several television shows, including Ray Wylie Hubbard Live at Dallas Palace. Decker also spent over 10 years as a volunteer firefighter and rescue SCUBA diver.

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