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Paranormal Thriller Jaded Visions by Author TL Jones

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Jaded Visions


TL “Terri” Jones

TL Jones held a book signing in Gun Barrel City when this book was newly released. Since then she has been in other cities and at paranormal conferences for book signings. Considering she and I have worked together in law enforcement and most likely have responded to some of the same calls I like to think of her as a sister in blue. She is a happy person and I was sad to see leave the area where we worked for bluer pastures. I know, I wouldn’t mind moving to Galveston either. Anyway, she was vigorous and diligent in law enforcement and seems to have continued the trend with the publication on Jaded Visions, her first thriller. It got even better for her after the book was first published. A publishing house picked up the book and it was republished.

Book signing in Jefferson TX at the History, Haunts and Legends Para Conference

I’ve had several great visit with her over a few weekends and have challenged her to be my “book coach.” Ms. Jones has another book in mind so if you like this one, make sure you get the next one. Her books can be purchased in several locations, including her Jaded Visions website. You can order the book at Amazon for your Kindle. They are working to have it available for the Nook.

I promise you she is not wrong about the details of law enforcement in the story. Coming from law enforcement she knows what she is talking about. The story is about a killer and a six year old:

“Jade Hamilton is barely staying one step ahead of a ruthless killer. Paranormal visions have been a part of her life since she was ten and this time her visions put her in the middle of a murder. Jade has to keep six year old Emmie Linderhoff safe from this killer, as well as, keep herself out of jail for kidnapping.

Jade runs with the child after the girl’s parents are murdered and along the way she meets up with St. Joseph’s most eligible bachelor, Detective Ryan Douglas. Ryan, along with his partner, try to help Jade solve this case before another murder occurs. As they become more involved in the case, they begin to realize that their feelings for each other are growing as quickly as the fear that they won’t find the killer in time!”

This is the description on the website. I have read the book, twice, and have to say that I enjoyed the story line. Can’t wait for book 2. It is an enjoyable read and you may not want to stop reading until you are through and there are no more pages to turn. I had to stop just so I could complete this post! Otherwise I would still be reading.

BTW – Ms Jones has just completed Book 2 so hang on and keep up with her to learn when the book will be released.

TL Jones is on FaceBook in addition to the Jaded Visions site. Stop by and give her a shout.

She has been on TV and the radio giving interviews.

T. L. Jones lives in South East Texas with her husband, Dave, two dogs, Zeus and Harley, and an African Grey Parrot named Herman. A former police officer, T. L. Jones has acquired valuable insight into criminal behavior. Her experience in law enforcement and her fascination with the paranormal has supercharged her creative juices to give you … Jaded Visions.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Terri


    You are such a good friend. Thank you so much for sharing my book with everyone. I am really excited about “Jaded Feelings” book #2 in my Jaded Series. I will let you know when I get a street date for it. I will be at the CTPS Meet & Greet in Temple Texas in July and I hope you make it too.
    Now I have finished two novels I expect you to get to work on yours. The few pages you shared in Jefferson is an exceptional start. Get to it!!!!
    T L Jones

    • MarDeck

      Why thank you Terri! I am working away at my novel. I just talked to friend the other day and she has been working on her novel. She used to work for one of the local papers. I guess I better get myself in gear and dedicate more time to my book. It’s being written in my head as I type :)

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