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Haunted Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie TX Ghost Party with Brandy Green, GHI or the Klinge Brothers, Extreme Paranormal

by on Aug.01, 2010, under Paranormal

My birthday is in the middle of the week so several of us decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants. We went the the officially declared haunted Catfish Plantation! As always, the food was outstanding and the portions big enough to feed an army.

While we were there and I was being nosy I discovered two events that are planned at the restaurant. The first one is a Ghost Party in September. It will be hosted by Brandy Green, from Ghost Hunters International. Sounds like fun to me.

Who will join Brandy?

Then there is another event scheduled for October. This one is a ghost hunt with the Klinge brothers, Brad and Barry, from Extreme Paranormal. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. It looks like they will be there for two nights so everyone can get a chance at the ghost hunt.

Who wants to meet Brad and Barry?

If you live nearby this is a happening place to go during the week. There are happy hour drink specials Wed and Thurs. Then on Wed night you can get a free appetizer! Just don’t make the mistake I did a few weeks ago and drive over there on a Mon or Tues – they are closed.

I didn’t see or feel any activity on this trip. However, they did say a picture came of the wall in one of the rooms. My friend was hoping for a friendly pat from the friendly male entity. No luck there either.

There is always another time…..

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  • Michelle

    My mother Leslie Nowell at the time actually went to the Catfish Plantation years ago to investigate as a paranormal investigator… Jeremy came home with mom….. She eventually took him back… I think it took a week to a month for it to get to be too much… 🙂

    • MarDeck

      Hah, now that’s funny. I wonder if he was missed. I continue to go to the restaurant to this day and have been on a few investigations. I’ve never had anything unusual happen while there, except for the guy who had his head missing on the photo taken of him and the group he was with. That was pretty wild.

    • MarDeck

      I’ve been there numerous times and have never had that funny feeling. Are you sure Jeremy didn’t go back to your mother? New owners know but the food is still tasty as ever.

  • Jeffery

    Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic??


  • Ivory

    Maybe the BEST thing that I have read this week 😛


  • David Ysasi

    I went to the Brandy Green Investigation on 18 Sep 2010. I was NOT impressed with the happenings. Dinner was prompt at 10. Brandy didnt meet the group until close to 11, if not a bit afterwards. She did a meet and greet and was selling her products for almost an hour. Some DAPS group showed up and we didnt start to almost midnight, and the event lasted until 2AM? First group went in for about 50 minutes, and two more groups were still waiting to go in. Do the math on that one. Two women had brought in their little boxes that has it saying words on occasion (unsure as to what it was called), which was totally annoying and interfered with the recordins I had. People were told not to whisper, but yet they did and i had to get rid of the whole recordings since it did no good to listen. Not to metion that 12 folks went into the room (at a time) and sat down on chairs, which made for quite a bit of noise, also interfering with the investigation. So i was a bit disappointed, expecting more than what was provided.

    • MarDeck

      It is good to hear your experience. I wondered how big the night would be as the restaurant is not huge. I had hoped it would be fun,. What types of products did she sell? I am trying to decide if I should go to the event in Oct with the Klinge brothers.

  • louis

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  • Rotch

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  • ConnieFoggles

    A belated Happy Birthday to you! Even a friendly pat would scare the heck out of me. I’d probably faint!

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