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Granny Investigations

Granny Investigations

by on Mar.29, 2017, under Granny Investigations

Who are they and what is this? They are three over 50 female friends who decided they could investigate the same as men, even though they may not be under 50.  If it’s unsolved, mysterious, curious or just plain strange they’re interested.  Decker has over 20 years of investigative background, including years spent in law enforcement. Risinger was a teacher and Coffey has a knack for digging up hard to find information. Whether it’s paranormal, abnormal or even normal as long as there’s mystery, they are up for an investigation. They will cheerily wander into the woods if necessary or camp in the middle of a desert.  Is it a UFO, Bigfoot or odd sounds? Yep, you can call them. Is there a missing person or unsolved crime? All three have been involved for a number of years with paranormal investigations. Decker specialized in several types of crimes, including crimes against children for over 20 years. Risinger and Coffey are part Native American. Please give them a call. Want to make contact? You the form. You can find them on YouTube and on Facebook so stay tuned for their new season…….

The first season is in editing. Come back to this site to keep up with what’s happening with the GI’S or check them out on FaceBook.



They are l-r Martha Hazard Decker, Kim Risinger and Ruth Coffey.


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