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Learn how to achieve financial freedom from home

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If you use the address on the photo be sure to enter the invitation code listed.

You can click on the photo to go to the page or you can enter the web address listed on the photo along with the invitation code.

Learn how to achieve financial freedom from home using a proven Internet system. You can watch the free presentation to see a proven system and learn how to achieve financial freedom from home. Need extra money, want to support a non profit or make this your full time job? You can do it with this proven system. It’s what I do and I’m loving it. Work from wherever, whenever and however you want. It can be yours as it’s doable today!


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I Understand Pain ~ Pain is Relative by Meredith

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I Understand Pain ~ Pain is Relative
Posted on November 04th, 2009 in chronic pain

Pain is something that is relative. I have nonstop pain, but that is my pain. People often during the course of a conversation will be talking about their pain and say “well it is nothing like you deal with” but I disagree, where I do not know, I do know my pain, I know that it is relative. Someone else’s pain is just as as mine. It is all in relation to the worst pain each individual has felt. For example, before my surgery I was in constant pain, I knew the surgery could not guarantee my pain to be resolved, I remember thinking, well if I do not do the surgery I am pretty much guaranteed to hurt like this forever so I decided to go ahead with it. Well the surgery Did take care of the pain I had but caused a pain exponentially worse, and way more intense. So where as before tat was the worse pain I know, and now I know a worse pain. But being that it is relative, the pain I felt before was the worse so I could not imagine any more. I now know different, I also know that the pain I felt when I opened my eyes after being filleted open for hours and muscles detached, torqued with a torque wrench, two rods bolted down either side of my spine , the middle part of 5 ribs removed and left broken and then having to lay flat on my back on a fresh incision for 6 hours before I could be sat up, was Absolutely By Far the worst pain I have ever known. When my pain spikes now some days it is so intense that I wonder how my body does just not pass out, yet I am able to push on, or sometimes just crawl on, but move forward nevertheless.
My point is that pain is an individual thing, it is personal, it depends on so many things…


This is a very interesting article by a good friend of mine relating to living with pain. We met on Twitter a couple weeks before we both were to attend IZEAfest in Orlando. I helped get her hooked up with a few friends and we both had a blast while in Orlando. It was supercharged and included a lot of physical activities. I could hardly keep up with Meredith. She was so upbeat every day even when she was working through severe pain.

My pain is minor compared to her pain. Mine came about as a result of a career in law enforcement. In fact, I can tell a story for just about every pain I have  – which will be about an encounter with a suspect.

Visit Meredith’s blog by using the above link. I think it will be well worth your time.

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It’s a First – Jade East is now for Men & Women

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Remember the 1960's?

Remember the 1960's?

Martha’s Wholesale has been in business since 1987. It’s a business that belongs to my husband, Ken Decker, and I – but he runs it. You can find him on Twitter as KenDeck and ask plenty of questions. We started the business so long ago but it has been worth it. Ken has met and talked with many great people. Martha’s Wholesale offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.

There is a wide variety of items offered on the web site. Some of the most popular are Jade East for men and Forever Jade for women.

Jade East – The subtle scent of Jade East is a delicious citrus blend of bergamot and lemon, with basil, lavender, anise, and orange blossoms. Middle notes of cedar, carnation, oakmoss, and sandalwood and just a touch of musk and vanilla.

Forever JadeRegency Cosmetics launched this ladies fragrance in May 2009. Fresh Citrus highlights mix with an exotic floral bouquet, fresh herbs and warm spice to create a softly-finished, contemporary fragrance that will be a fitting scent wherever your day takes you. Apply when your day begins and Forever Jade will wrap you in an aura of understated, sophisticated fragrance through the end of your evening. Notes: Top citrus, anise Middle exotic floral bouquet, fresh herbs, warm spice and fern Bottom soft moss, musk, vanilla and wood.

1st women's fragrance by Jade East maker - Regency Cosmetics

1st women's fragrance by Jade East maker - Regency Cosmetics

Martha’s Wholesale offers a myriad of items. You can find everything from cologne to handcrafted knives. There are plenty of gifts to go around. Other popular items include soap from Spain and Greece plus large bath sizebars of Pear’s soap and Taylor of London soaps. Maja soap comes from Spain and there are others.

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